Hi, I’m Jessica!

A recovering people-pleasing perfectionist turned Alignment Queen & mentor, certified in Inner Voice facilitation. 

For most of my life I felt like I needed to control everything and everyone in my life, and I clung to that control with everything I had. 

  • I got married too young because I felt like it was what I was supposed to do next
  • I was in a job I hated but it paid well so I figured I would just tough it out and only live for the weekends
  • My friendships were superficial but I told myself I was lucky to have friends at all
  • I hated my body and tried to control it to the extent that I developed an eating disorder, instead of processing the emotions that so desperately wanted to be felt

All of this left me feeling empty, depleted & depressed. But it also seemed like the way that life should look. Only I wanted more. I knew there was more within me. In the brief moments when I allowed the truth of my dreams to bubble up, I felt it. I felt a deep desire to feel my emotions, to pursue my life’s purpose, to have deeply fulfilling relationships, and to feel vibrant & comfortable in my body. 

I turned to self-help books, therapists, friends, diets & exercise for the answers, thinking other “experts” held the keys to my happiness. Only I realized that worthiness, happiness & joy didn’t come from waiting for the next best thing to happen to me - it was found in learning to walk in acceptance & peace with myself, just as I am. Knowing that I possess everything within me to be comfortable in my skin, thrive in authentic relationships, and pursue my life’s purpose opened my eyes to continue my self-acceptance journey. 

When I first heard about Inner Voice work, I was skeptical. It seemed too easy. Quieting the mind and communicating with your Intuition? Obviously these people had no idea of how loud my mind was – the constant chatter about how unworthy I was, how I wasn’t good enough & how no one would care to hear what I had to say. 

But there was also something instead of me that felt drawn to the Inner Voice.

What if I could connect to my truth?

​What would it have to say?

After months of deliberating, I decided to try this work for myself, assuming it wouldn’t work. I sat down and, although I felt nervous, silly & scared, I asked my Inner Self out loud “Inner Self, what do you want me to know?” and then I waited. I kept breathing, and waited. And then I heard my Inner Self come through. It told me that I was more than enough, that it loved me just as I was, that the abundance of the universe flowed through me, and that it had been there all along. Through my tears, I wrote down everything it told me. I felt my Intuition within me, encompassing me, and I knew I couldn’t go back to the way I was living before. I couldn’t go back because I had heard MY TRUTH – not the advice of a stranger or friend, not a therapist, not a book or a diet, but it was me, my Highest Self, speaking to me of my potential and showing me every next step to take for a life of peace, joy & self-acceptance.

After serving clients as a Certified Mind Body Eating coach and continuing to develop my personal Inner Self practice, I knew that my clients and I were ready for more. Ready to move beyond seeing themselves as a problem in need of fixing, and ready to turn within themselves for all of their answers. 

As a Certified Inner Voice Facilitator, it’s my belief that Inner Voice work is the missing piece in fulfilling all of your heart’s desires. I believe this because I’ve experienced it for myself, and have experienced the power of client’s standing in the presence of their Highest Self.

Lovely, you have magic within, and it’s time to tap into it!

Mentorship with me goes beyond coaching you may have received in the past. This isn’t coaching from me to you - this is YOU coaching YOU, with me by your side every step of the way. Because I acknowledge that your Inner Voice knows what’s best for you, it’s my job to empower you to tap into your Intuition and be there to show up for yourself to live up the potential your Inner Voice will reveal to you.

I make “woo” concepts applicable and easy to integrate into your real life. Not everyone can meditate on top of a mountain. We’ve got jobs, homes, families, bills, stress & anxiety. I know what it’s like to feel like Inner Self work isn’t applicable to someone living in the real world. Women get shit done, but without knowing who you really are, you’re not serving yourself or anyone else. 

If you’re desiring it, the universe is desiring it for you as well. The universe is the co-creator of your dreams & desires, and I can help you find out what this looks like for you. No more limiting beliefs standing in your way. It’s time to step into your self-acceptance, which is your POWER!